Department for Regulation of Electric Power Industry

Head of the Department - Mr. Dmitriy Vasiliev
Deputy Head of the Department - Mr. Igor Bedrin
Deputy Head of the Department - Mr. Alexei Voronin
Deputy Head of the Department - Mr. Sergey Dudkin

Vitaly Korolev: the index for payment by the population can be exceeded only as exceptions
FAS sent relevant letter to the Heads of top executive bodies of the Russian regions
Anatoly Golomolzin: Guidelines should be clear and transparent for regulators and companies as well as for consumers
FAS Methodological Council on Tariff Regulation was in session on 9 October.
Vitaly Korolev: FAS is creating benchmark parameters to prevent an unreasonable growth of tariffs
The difference in utility tariffs reaches 50 times across the subjects of the Russian Federation
Electric power tariffs for consumers in Buryatia go down from 1 September
FAS Board made the decision on 31 July 2017