Department for Regulation over Electric Power Industry

Head of the Department - Mr. Dmitriy Vasiliev
Deputy Head of the Department - Mr. Igor Bedrin
Deputy Head of the Department - Mr. Alexei Voronin
Deputy Head of the Department - Mr. Sergey Dudkin

Dmitry Vasiliev on the pressing issues of technological connection to electric power networks
“Grid companies should strongly optimize their business-processes and continue intensive implementation of a client-oriented approach in technological connection”
An antimonopoly case on the tender procedure for renewable energy sources
FAS exposed signs of violating the tender procedure for selecting investment projects to construct generating facilities that work on renewable energy sources.
FAS fined “Enegosbyt Plus” three times - in total for 900,000 RUB
The company failed to execute a determination of the antimonopoly body issued under the frame of state control over economic concentration
FAS opened a case against “Unipro” PJSC and the System Operator of the Integrated Energy System
FAS exposed signs of violating the antimonopoly law that could have led to infringing the interests of market participants
Warnings of the antimonopoly body are executed
Orel OFAS considered petitions from four managing organizations in Orel with regard to the electric power provider of last resort