Department for Control over Social Sphere and Trade

Head of the the Department - Mr. Timofey Nizhegorodtsev
Deputy Head of the Department - Mr. Maxim Dyagterev
Deputy Head of the Department - Ms. Yulia Ermakova
Deputy Head of the Department - Ms. Nadezhda Sharavskaya
Deputy Head of the Department - Ms. Ekaterina Uryukina

FAS officers shared experience of regulating the medicinal drugs market with their Belarus colleagues
A delegation of Belarus competition authority studies control specifics and the legal grounds of FAS work in this field
FAS analyses the market of barrier contraceptives to develop price-reduction mechanisms
FAS Russia and Rospotrebnadzor discussed prices for barrier contraceptives
ST Petersburg FAS fined violators of allocating mandatory medical insurance funds in St Petersburg 240,000 RUB
Officials of St Petersburg Government and the Commission for a regional mandatory medical insurance programme are fined for violating the antimonopoly law
First cases are opened for fixing and maintaining monopolistically high prices for food products in the airports in the near-Moscow area
Moscow Regional OFAS focuses attention on “Burger King” fast food chain, “Shokoladnitsa” coffee-shop chain and “Mu-Mu” cafeteria chain
Timophey Nizhegorodtsev: drug price-setting should be based on the indicative method
Experts supported FAS proposals on new methods for registering and reregistering the ceiling ex-works prices for the drugs included in the list of vital and essential drugs