Department for Control over Chemical Industry and Agro-industrial Complex

Head of the the Department - Ms. Anna Mirochinenko
Deputy Head of the Department - Mr. Sergey Vershinin
Deputy Head of the Department - Ms. Irina Epifanova
Deputy Head of the Department - Mr. Andrey Erin

FAS Russia applies access and behavioral remedies in the Bayer/Monsanto merger
This merger affects the markets for the products used by agricultural producers including agricultural crops (seeds), certain crop protection products, in particular nonselective herbicides, as well as digital offerings for agriculture.
Cassation Court supported FAS in a dispute with agro-industrial companies
Earlier FAS established that the companies in the Belgorod regional Foundation for promoting products of local producers reached an oral agreement to give advantages in obtaining funds
Court confirmed legitimacy of FAS warning to the Government of the Ivanovo region
Actions of the regional authorities may discriminate raw milk producers
BRICS food products market were discussed at the “Competition Week in Russia”
On 21 September 2017, Head of FAS Department for Control over Chemical Industry and Agro-Industrial Complex, Anna Mirochinenko presented a draft report of BRICS Working Group on global food product chains at an International Event – the “Competition Week in Russia”.
Andrey Tsyganov: “Today the most important factor for labour productivity growth is digitalization in all its aspects”
FAS and experts emphasized the importance of efficient tools to reduce entry barriers to digital economy markets through non-discriminatory conditions for access to the key technologies