Department for International Economic Cooperation

Head of the the Department - Ms. Lesya Davydova
Deputy Head of the Department - Ms. Tatyana Oynvid
Deputy Head of the Department - Mr. Andrey Kosourov

The FAS Russia cooperates with international organizations and foreign authorities in the sphere of the antimonopoly policy, combating unfair competition practices and governmental regulation of natural monopolies.

FAS Russia

The international activity of the FAS Russia is focused on:

-          Contribution to integration of the Russian economy into the global economic area;

-          Realization of economic liabilities of the Russian Federation on issues, related to the competence of the FAS Russia;

-          Participation in development of conception of united European economic space;

-          Protection of Russian interests by participation in field-oriented international organizations;

-          Implementation of the best foreign experience to the Russian practice, advanced training of employees of the FAS Russia;

-          Preparation and realization of technical assistance from international organizations on behalf of the FAS Russia;

The Department for International Economic Cooperation conducts the international activity of the FAS Russia.

Specialists of FAS and India Competition Commission discussed interaction in the field of cartel investigation
The parties are interested in building up cooperation, particularly, in investigating and suppressing cartels
FAS informed Italian business about the system of public procurement in Russia and the principles of making investments in the Russian Federation
The FAS Russia and the Competition Authority of Italy organized a Round Table in the Italian Embassy in Moscow for representatives of Italian business.
FAS and Mongolia Competition Authority signed a Memorandum on Cooperation
The objective of the Memorandum is to strengthen cooperation between Russia and Mongolia in the filed of competition policy
The 46th ICAP session in Chisinau
The agenda included issues of most interest for the antimonopoly bodies of the CIS member states, FAS representatives were the key speakers on some of them.