Mr. Andrey Tsarikovskiy

  • Position: Stats-Secretary, Deputy Head of the FAS Russia

Was born on April 26, 1963, in Moscow. Graduated from the Saint Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics with the degree in “Economics and Organization of Machine-Building Industry”, qualification – engineer-economist. In 1995, became an Assistant to the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg. One year after was appointed to the Head of the Apparatus of the Vice-Governor – the Head of the Financial Committee of the Saint Petersburg Administration. Under his leadership, several laws and directives on financial management were developed. 1999-2004 – Director of Research and Development Programs, CEO of “Epicenter – Saint Petersburg”, center for economic and political research.

Mr. Tsarikovskiy is the author of a number of legislative initiatives in the State Duma of the Russian Federation on economic, fiscal, tax and antimonopoly policies.

Since 2004, has been the Deputy Head of the FAS Russia. Since July 2006, has been Stats-Secretary – Deputy Head of the FAS Russia. Mr. Tsarikovskiy is a member of Russian Government Legislative Commission and the Government Import Substitution Commission.