Department for Industry Control

Head of the the Department - Ms. Nelli Galimkhanova
Deputy Head of the Department - Mr. Dmitry Chuklinov
Deputy Head of the Department - Ms. Maria Babikova
Deputy Head of the Department - Ms. Elena Filashina

FAS approves an agreement to sell “Vaderstad” products through the “John Deere” dealer network
Companies undertake to observe non-discriminatory conditions in agreements with dealers
FAS opened a case against “Kovdor Mining and Processing Works”
FAS suspects that the company abused its market dominance
Andrey Tsarikovskiy discussed new aspects of establishing dominance with experts
He looked into the latest trends and changes in studying dominance by the Antimonopoly Service, discussing the with the legal community
Nelli Galimkhanova: “We live in the epoch of digitalization of business-models and should adjust to such changes”
On 27 October Head of FAS Department for Industry Control, Nelli Galimkhanova discussed digital trends in developing the market of transportation services at the IX Conference on “Antimonopoly Regulation in Russia”
Digital economy generates new forms of competition and monopolism
Transformation of traditional markets and big data potential require new approaches to antimonopoly regulation