Department for Industry Control

Head of the the Department - Ms. Nelli Galimkhanova
Deputy Head of the Department - Mr. Dmitry Chuklinov
Deputy Head of the Department - Ms. Maria Babikova
Deputy Head of the Department - Ms. Elena Filashina

Digital economy generates new forms of competition and monopolism
Transformation of traditional markets and big data potential require new approaches to antimonopoly regulation
The Headquarters on Joint Investigations discussed the most pressing issues of developing competition
On 19th September 2017, the agenda of the 33rd session of the Headquarters for Joint Investigations of Violations of the Antimonopoly Law by the CIS member-states included, in particular competition on the market of medical equipment, aggregates production, economy residential housing, as well as specifics of control over economic concentration under digitalization of the economy
FAS reached an amicable settlement with “Vyksa Metallurgical Plant” JSC
The company drafted the Guidelines for pricing wheels for metro
Nelli Galimkhanova about barriers on the aggregates market and the ways to overcome them
She highlighted the following barriers: capital costs, lack of investments that are irreparable, long periods of obtaining licenses, high transportation costs.
Andrey Tsarikovskiy: FAS will adjust its regulatory basis and work methods
The changes will take place in order to modify approaches to antimonopoly regulation in the digital epoch