Department for Industry Control

Head of the the Department - Ms. Nelli Galimkhanova
Deputy Head of the Department - Mr. Dmitry Chuklinov
Deputy Head of the Department - Ms. Elena Filashina

Preliminary findings and preparing studies in the fields of housing construction and the agro-industrial complex in the CIS
On 15 March 2017, a FAS delegation took part in the 32nd session of the Headquarters on Joint Investigations of Violations of the Antimonopoly Law of the CIS Member-States (the Headquarters)
FAS exposed signs of discriminatory conditions in the actions of “Svyaz-Certificate” Certification Centre” Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization
The Antimonopoly Service issued a warning to the company rendering services on certification and testing the systems and devices to call emergency response services for wheeled vehicles
FAS defended paper manufacturer “Mondi Syktyvkar Forestry Enterprise”
FAS has not found violations of the antimonopoly law in the actions of “Mondi Syktyvkar Forestry Enterprise” JSC on the market of offset paper. The company was suspected of fixing monopolistically high price.
FAS discussed exchange trading with cement
“Exchange trading is an opportunity for new players to enter the market”, said Deputy Head of FAS Andrey Tsarikovskiy
Sergey Puzyrevsky: the National Competition Development Plan will put the constitutional principles into practice
The Plan is designed for the authorities at all levels to carry out events enhancing the quality of competition development across all sectors of the economy