06 november 2008 12:58
Type: Regulatory legal acts FAS

The Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation and the People's Power Ministry for Light Industries and Trade of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, hereinafter referred to as «the Contracting Parties»,

- Expressing the wish to promote cooperation in the field of competition policy,

- Aiming at creation of favorable conditions for development of bilateral relations,

- Based on principles of equality and mutual benefit,

- Taking into consideration the key role of competition in economic development of both countries,

have agreed as follows:

Article 1

The Contracting Parties shall promote and strengthen cooperation in the field of competition policy in compliance with their legislation.

Article 2

Cooperation between the Contracting Parties shall be promoted in the basic directions as follows:

- Improvement of legal foundations of competition policy of the Contracting Parties;

- Exchanging experience in the field of conducting investigations relevant to violations of competition legislation;

- Creation of favorable conditions for efficient work of commodity markets of the Contracting Parties;

- Development of scientific and methodological basis for competition law research.

Article 3

The basic forms of cooperation between the Contracting Parties in the sphere of competition policy are the following:

- Interchange of legislative acts, informational, methodological and other materials between the Contracting Parties;

- Holding meetings at different levels of representatives of the Contracting Parties;

- Providing methodical assistance, interchange of research results, consultation assistance when developing methodology base for conducting researches, as well as evaluation of competition state at different commodity markets of the Contracting Parties;

- Attracting specialists of the other Contracting Party to take part in training process and probations aimed at experience exchange;

- Holding bilateral symposium, conferences and seminars;

- Experience exchange on the issues of integration processes participation;

- Holding consultation meetings.

Article 4

In case of necessity the Contracting Parties grant to each other the information and consulting assistance, which may be needed for fulfillment the tasks of antimonopoly policy and competition development, determined by the law of the Contracting Parties.

Delivery of information is performed at the basis of inquiry of one of the Contracting Parties, which should contain the aim of using the information, context of the case with the addition of relative documents. A Contracting Party on its own initiative or according to the inquiry of the other Contracting Party performs the delivery of information on actions contradicting legislation of the Contracting Parties and demanding taking measures on providing the observance of competition law at commodity markets of the Contracting Parties. The Contracting Parties commit themselves to use the information only with the aim stipulated in the inquiry.

Information inquired should be delivered in terms coordinated by the Contracting Parties, but not later than 45 days since the day of getting the inquiry. The inquired Contracting Party should inform the other Contracting Party about any delay, which may entail non-compliance of the period specified.

A Contracting Party, received the information, should provide the regime of protection of confidential information in accordance with national law and upon the request of the Contracting Party.

Article 5

A Contracting Party sending representatives for participating in mutually organized events, including in bilateral and multilateral consultations, symposium, conferences and seminars, bears costs on transportation, accommodation and meals of the participants.

Article 6

Disputes, relating to interpretation and application of the present Agreement shall be solved by negotiations between the Contracting Parties.

Article 7

The Agreement will not affect the right and obligation of the Contracting Parties relating to other international agreements, where the Russian Federation and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela are participating.

Article 8

By mutual consent of the Contracting Parties this Agreement may be subject to modifications and amendments which shall be made in writing, come into force on the date of receipt of the last written notification about the fulfillment of all necessary domestic procedures and shall become an integral part of the Agreement.

Article 9

The present Agreement will become effective as of the date of its signature for a period of 3 (three) years, automatically extendable for the succeeding three years periods, unless one of the Contracting Parties receives written notification from the other Contracting Party with the intent to terminate the Agreement, in which case the Agreement will continue in force for a period of 6 (six) months counted from the date of the written notification.

Termination of the present Agreement will not affect programs and projects started in the framework of this Agreement.

The Agreement is signed on «26» November, 2008 in Caracas in three copies, each in Russian, Spanish and English, all three texts being equally authentic. In case of any divergence of interpretation, the English text shall prevail.

For the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation

Andrey Tsarikovskiy

Stats-Secretary-Deputy Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service

For the People's Power Ministry for Light Industries and Trade of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Willian Antonio Contreras

Minister of the People's Power Light Industries and Trade

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