Concept note

On the functioning of the BRICS Working Group for Research of Competition Issues on the BRICS Markets of Social Importance (hereinafter – the BRICS Working Group)

Major objectives of the BRICS Working Group:

- promotioning  of formation of competition environment on the markets of social importance of the BRICS countries;

- supporting of the competitive price formation on the markets of social importance of the BRICS countries.

Missions of the BRICS Working Group:

- experience and approaches sharing on the antimonopoly law enforcement on the markets of social importance;

- conducting of joint researches on the markets of social importance and conducting of joint investigations in case of discovering of antimonopoly law infringements, conducted on the markets of transboundary character.

Basic formats of activity of the BRICS Working Group:

- holding of consultations at least four times a year;

- organizing and holding of joint meetings with the representatives of state authorities, business and other interested parties for discussing of results of the research as well as elaborating and implementing adequate responses;

- exchanging of non-confidential information;

- coordinating actions between Competition Authorities members of the Group while conducting investigation of antimonopoly law infringements.

Members of the BRICS Working Group:

Each Competition Authority of the BRICS countries should nominate at the least 1 expert and 1 representative of the Authority in rank of a Deputy Head of the Authority.

Work Plan of the BRICS Working Group:

- As the first step for joint activity the FAS Russia suggests holding of a preliminary examination of the issues related to organizing of the Database (Platform) onprices for medicines in the BRICS countries, verificated by the Antimonopoly Authorities of the BRICS countries.

In order to organize this process in the best way we suggest filling the enclosed Questionnaire of the BRICS Competition Authorities.



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