The first session of the Working Group was held within the framework of the International Event “The Russian Competition Day” on September 12, 2012, in the city of Kazan, Russia (please see the Minutes of the first session).
As a result of the meeting, the Working Group approved in general the Declaration on joint efforts towards developing competition (hereafter – the Declaration). The FAS Russia and the Turkish Competition Authority had been entrusted with the task of finalizing the Declaration. In order to achieve the most effective results of the Working Group the participants of the session identified the following forms of interaction within the Working Group: the exchange of non-confidential information, consultations, meetings with business representatives, public authorities, including regulators in the field of telecommunications, etc. The functions of coordinators in specific areas of the Working Group’s activity were assigned to the competition authorities-members of the Working Group. The representatives of such countries as Hungary, Mongolia, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldavia, Serbia, USA, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, the Czech Republic, Sweden and of the Eurasian Economic Commission participated in the meeting.

Minutes 1 - Roaming Working Group
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Measures Towards Developing Competition On The Markets Of International Telecommunications (A. Golomolzin)
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GSM Market in Turkey; Regulation, Competition and International Traffic (S. Çörüș)
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