The second session of the Working Group was held on the 1 of April 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey. The meeting was attended by the representatives of Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Ukraine. Within the frameworks of the session, participants revealed problems on the cross-border market of Turkey and the CIS Member-Countries (for example, unreasonably high rates for roaming services which infringe consumer interests), discussed possible regulatory mechanisms in telecommunications. The abovementioned problems and recommendations for solutions are available in the Minutes of the second session. After exchanging information, the participants discussed possible solutions on reducing the roaming services rates. It was decided by participants to carry out a detailed analysis of the situation, jointly with the telecommunications regulators, and to provide each other with the findings of the analysis until the 3rd session of the Working Group in order to draw proposals before the next meeting.

Minutes 2 - Roaming Working Group
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Reasons for Establishing High Subscriber and Interconnect Roaming Rates (A. Golomolzin)
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Development of Mechanisms to Reduce Subscriber and Interconnect Rates in Roaming (E. Zaeva)
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International Roaming Markets in Turkey (U.N. Ozdemir)
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