During the third session, held on September 10, 2014 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia within the framework of the Annual International Event “Russian Competition Day”, the Working Group incorporated the basic principles of the interaction between regulators, telecommunications operators, stipulating the conditions for the tariff reductions. In addition, the participants of the session determined the “Road Map” for implementation of measures aimed at enhancing competition and lowering of tariffs in roaming. See the Minutes of the third session to read more about it. The meeting was attended by the representatives of Turkey, India, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Macedonia, Serbia, the Czech Republic and of such international organizations as the Eurasian Economic Commission, Commonwealth of Independent States, UNCTAD participated in the meeting.

Minutes 3 - Roaming Working Group
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International Mobile Roaming Market in Turkey (A. Demiröz)
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International Practice of Regulating International Roaming Relations andNational Practices of Antimonopoly Enforcement (A. Golomolzin)
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Roaming Working Group (T. Thanner)
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On the Progress of Implementing the Decisions Made at the 2nd Session (E. Zaeva)
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