The fifth session of the Working Group was held on September 21, 2015, in Moscow, in the framework of the International event «The Russian Competition Week». Negotiations achieved active progress, but as of September 2015 have not ended. That is why it was agreed to prolong the 1st phase of the Road Map for implementation of the Fair Roaming Principles till 1 March 2016.
Besides that, in the framework of the session the participants discussed the reports of the Belgian competition authority, the EC DG Comp, the Turkish competition authority and the Slovenian Competition Protection Agency on recent developments in the telecommunications sector. The Members of the Working Group focused also on the issue of transition of the telecommunications services market from the state of natural monopoly to the state of competitive market by virtue of technological competition development on retail markets

Minutes 5 - Roaming Working Group
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Report on the 1 Stage of the Road Map on adopting the Fair Roaming Principles (A. Golomolzin)
(PDF, 396,98 Kb)
Telecommunications Sector in the EU (L. Luchianov)
(PDF, 338,82 Kb)
The Path from a Monopoly to a Competitive Telecoms Market (A. Krašek)
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Transition of the Market of Telephony Services from Natural Monopoly to Competition (E. Zaeva)
(PDF, 578,17 Kb)
Fair Roaming Principles Implementation Process (A. Walkiers)
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Practical Experience and Challenges in the Enforcement History (E. Öztürk)
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