FAS began inspecting the agents of the largest players of the market of marine and container transportation

15 february 2013 14:23

On 11th February 2013, the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS Russia) began inspecting “Maersk” CJSC, “Mediterranean Shipping Company Rus” Ltd., “CMI CGM Rus” Ltd., “APL CIS” Ltd., “K” Line RUS” Ltd., “NIK Line Rus” Ltd., “O-O-C-L Russia Limited”, “China Shipping Agency Russia” Ltd., “Hyundai Merchant Marine CIS” Ltd., “ZIM Russia” CJSC, “COSCO RUSSIA” Ltd., “Evergreen Shipping Agency Russia Limited”, and “Ocean Container Services” Ltd. upon signs of violating the antimonopoly law of the Russian Federation.

Marine container transportation makes a significant impact upon developing international trade. In the recent years the share of container cargo in the total cargo turnover (worldwide average data) has reached 55% (worldwide average data).

Since the costs of marine container transportation constitutes a significant portion of the price of goods, every increase of the transportation costs directly affects customers across the globe.

Earlier the antimonopoly bodies of the USA, the European Union and some Asian countries inspected marine carriers, and based on the findings, undertook measures to eliminate violations of their national antimonopoly laws.

FAS asks everyone possessing information about violations of the antimonopoly law of the Russian Federation by the above companies and other participants of the market of marine transportation to report to FAS by phone: +7 (499) 255-54-87, 795-70-92 or via e-mail: fas22@fas.gov.ru


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