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Региональный семинар-совещание по вопросам субсидирования сельхозпроизводителей


Round Table on subsidizing agricultural producers
On 30 March 2016, the programme of a regional workshop on antimonopoly enforcement included a Round Table on subsidizing agricultural producers. Deputy Head of FAS, Andrey Tsyganov; Deputy Head of FAS for Control over Chemical Industry and Agro-Industrial Complex, Irina Epifanova; representatives of FAS regional bodies in the Privolzhie Federal District, the authorities of Penza region - a constituent territory of the Russian Federation, and business. Count photo: 9 show
Заседание рабочей группы в рамках Экспертного совета по развитию конкуренции в сфере металлургии


Session of the Working Group of the Expert Council of n the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS Russia) on Developing Competition in Metallurgy
Experts considered FAS proposals on changing the mechanism of price monitoring for the core types of metal products and crude ore. They emphasized the importance of increasing efficiency of cooperation with the regulator, particularly, through a transition to electronic forms of providing information. Count photo: 9 show
Андрей Цариковский на конференции газеты The Moscow Times «Рынок корпоративных закупок»


The annual conference of “The Moscow Times” newspaper – “Corporate Procurement Market”
Stats-Secretary, Deputy Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS Russia), Andrey Tsarikovskiy discussed specifics of developing domestic corporate and public procurement. Count photo: 3 show
Вадим Кузьмин выступил на конференции, посвященной интеллектуальной собственности


The conference of PRAVO.Ru
Deputy Head of FAS Legal Department Vadim Kuzmin outlined the best world practices in this field and pointed out that the state can intervene to influence unfair right holders Count photo: 2 show
Конференция "Российская энергетика"


The conference ‘Russian Energy Industry” organized by the “Vedomosti” newspaper
Deputy Head of FAS Vitaly Korolev outlined a package a measures designed to enhance the quality of regulation: introducing benchmarking, norm-setting and reference costs methods; creating mechanisms stimulating regulated organizations to enhance efficiency of their performance Count photo: 3 show