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Состоялась рабочая встреча с представителями Всемирного банка


Working meeting with representatives of the World Bank
The main items on the agenda were methods of exposing bid-rigging collusion, organization of public procurement, high-profile FAS cases, the issues of agriculture and food products markets Count photo: 4 show
Экскурсии в апреле


Tours in April
Count photo: 14 show


The academic “Olympic” contest
The Federal Antimonopoly Service announced completing Stage I of the academic “Olympic” contest on antimonopoly regulation – all applications and works of future prospective university students are submitted. Count photo: 3 show
Семинар-практикум, посвященный вопросам внедрения Стандарта развития конкуренции в регионах России


XIV Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum
On 20 April 2017, there was a workshop on implementing the Competition Development Standard in Russian regions. Count photo: 7 show