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Дискуссионная сессия "Глобальные слияния в продовольственном секторе и антимонопольное регулирование"


Session on “Global Mergers in the Food Sector and Competition Law and Policy”
On 19 May 2017, representatives of foreign competition authorities and experts from different countries discussed possible approaches to analyzing megamergers on agrochemical markets during the session on “Global Mergers in the Food Sector and Competition Law and Policy” at 2017 St Petersburg Legal Forum. Count photo: 15 show
Конкурентный рынок авиатоплива России, как пример лучшей мировой практики, обсудили на глобальном форуме ИАТА


IATA Global Forum
IATA Global Forum discussed competitive market of aviation fuel in Russia as an example of the best world practice Count photo: 6 show
Футурология в юриспруденции. Как сделать новые российские юридические идеи глобальными


Futurology in jurisprudence. How to make Russian legal ideas global
On 15th May 2017, the “Corporate Counsel Association” Non-Profit Partnership, the President of which is Alexandra Nesterenko, held a conference in St Petersburg as one of the first satellite events at St Petersburg International Legal Forum Count photo: 33 show
Состоялась рабочая встреча с представителями Всемирного банка


Working meeting with representatives of the World Bank
The main items on the agenda were methods of exposing bid-rigging collusion, organization of public procurement, high-profile FAS cases, the issues of agriculture and food products markets Count photo: 4 show
Экскурсии в апреле


Tours in April
Count photo: 14 show