FAS managed to save 5 billion RUB in medicinal drug procurement

27-12-2016 | 13:34

“Pharmaceutical companies reduced prices for 88 positions of vital medicines; the saving of budgetary funds in medicinal drug procurement will be minimum 5 billion RUB per year”, said Head of FAS Department for Control over Social Sphere and Trade, Timophey Nizhegorodtsev at a press-conference on 26 December at “Russia Today” International information Agency.

Prices went down upon the findings of an investigation carried out by the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS Russia) following the instructions from the President of the Russian Federation. At the first stage of the study the antimonopoly body compared the costs of vital drugs procured by the state under the “7 Nosologies” programme.

Overall FAS revealed 66 drugs, prices for which were overrated in Russia. Along with the companies, caught fixing excessive prices, Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers also voluntarily decreased prices, therefore, demonstrating social responsibility.

Foreign companies reduced prices by 21-88%; the reduction reached on average 50% (in Rubles the most significant reduction was 240,000 RUB for “Revlimid” produced by “Selgen” to treat oncological diseases).

FAS is continuing an international comparative study of prices for other drug groups. In January 2017 the antimonopoly body will present the results of analyzing prices for treating HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis, for which lower prices in the reference countries were found.