A guilty verdict on a criminal case against bid-rigging

30-12-2016 | 09:21

The antimonopoly case on bid-rigging was initiated by Rostov OFAS upon considering information received from the 7th Investigation Division of the Main Investigation Department of the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation

Rostov OFAS suspected that the Office of the Federal Accreditation Service in the South, North Caucasus and the Crimea Federal Districts violated the law organizing auctions for vehicle services.

Investigating the antimonopoly case, evidence was obtained confirming an anticompetitive agreement. It was found that the auction bidders and the ordering customer – a former Head of Rosakkreditatsia Office were affiliated and there was a significant overrating of the initial contract price.

Rostov OFAS found that the regional Office of the Federal Accreditation Service and “Gukovstroi” Ltd. in the group of persons with an individual entrepreneur violated Article 16 the Federal Accreditation Service – an anticompetitive agreement with the authorities.

The Arbitration Court supported the decision of Rostov OFAS and the ruling became another piece of evidence in a criminal case against the Head of Rosakkreditatsia accused in committing offences under Part 4 Article 160, Part 1 Article 285, Part 2 Article 292 of the criminal Code of the Russian Federation – embezzlement, abuse of office, forgery by an official.

In September 2016 Leninsky District Court of Rostov-on-Don found the former Head of the Office of the Federal Accreditation Service guilty of committing the above offences and sentenced him to 2 years 6 months imprisonment. Rostov Regional Court upheld the guilty verdict.