“Lenovo” and “Superwave Group” can be punished by administrative fines

30-12-2016 | 09:57

On 30 December 2016, the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS Russia) opened administrative cases against “Lenovo (East Europe / Asia)” Ltd. and “Superwave Group”Ltd. – the respondents to a bid-rigging case on “Vybory” State Automated System.

The companies failed to submit requested documents (information) within the designated period or provided incomplete information in the course of an inspection (in breach of Article 19.8 of the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Violations).

Fines for failure to submit information or late submission to the antimonopoly body can be up to 500,000 RUB for each such event.

“Lenovo (East Europe / Asia)” Ltd. systematically prevents antimonopoly investigations. For instance, on 17 November 2016 the company’s staff prevented monitoring activities during an on-site inspection. As a result, Acts on obstruction and Protocols on administrative violations were drawn up against executives under Article 19.4.1 of the Code on Administrative Violations.

Head of FAS Anti-Cartel Department, Andrey Tenishev, commented: “I believe these are not the last administrative cases within the antimonopoly investigation. Proceedings will be opened against other persons under inspection