Digest of FAS Board decisions

16-02-2017 | 09:42

On 2 February 2017, FAS Board considered several issues regarding disagreements in the field of state tariff regulation. For instance, on a dispute between the regional tariff regulator and “Gazprom Teploenergo Tver” Ltd. concerning the heat energy tariff for consumers in Zubtsovo and Likhoslavl (the Tver region).

The company approached the regulator to set a new heat energy tariff due to a changed heating supply system and property transferred to a municipal owner. “Gazprom Teploenergo Tver” Ltd. asked to include in the tariff 870,050 RUB for Zubtsovo and 935,570 RUB for Likhoslavl The tariff was set for two month (from 1.11.2016 to 31.12.2016). Thus the included sum should be 145200 RUB (Zubtsovo) and 156150 RUB (Likhoslavl).

Based on the above data, FAS Board dismissed the claim of “Gazprom Teploenergo Tver” Ltd.


“BaikonurSvyzaInform” state unitary enterprise asked to increase the tariff for telecom services on terrestrial broadcasting of Russian public TV- and radio-channels by 6%. FAS Board agreed to index the tariff by 3.6%. The decision is based on analyzing financial and economic indicators of the telecom operator.