FAS took part in a Round Table organized by the “Parlamentskaya Gazeta” newspaper

17-02-2017 | 14:42

On 8 February 2017, the editorial board of the “Parlamentskaya Gazeta” newspaper held a Round Table on “State regulation of the alcohol market”. How much the budget will be replenished”

During the discussion, a FAS representative – Deputy Head of FAS Fiscal Control Department, Natalia Isaeva, outlined the findings of a survey of alcohol products markets and the measures on exposing and suppressing the facts of regional protectionism.

Regarding the measures suggested by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation to stabilize the alcohol market, particularly, increasing the minimum retail prices, FAS representative confirmed the readiness of the antimonopoly body to support treasonable initiatives put forward by the alcohol sector regulator.

Regarding efficiency of the work of the Unified State Automated Information System (USAIS), Natalia Isaeva said that although the system performance raised some concerns from market participants, overall it is an efficient mechanism to suppress counterfeit alcohol trade.

“At a recent meeting of top executives of FAS and Rosalcoholregulirovanie [the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation], we were demonstrated how the system functions. Its capabilities are impressive”, pointed out Natalia Isaeva.