MOESK is fined 1.2 million RUB for breaching the time frame to connect to electricity networks

16-03-2017 | 17:40

Moscow OFAS fined “Moscow Integrated Electric Grid Company” PJSC (“MOESK”) upon two incidents of breaching the Rules for Technological Connection*. The regulator held the company administratively liable and fined it 600,000 RUB for each violation.  

Moscow OFAS considered a complaint of “Medholding” Ltd. that “MOESK” had failed to honour its obligation to enter into a contract for technological connection of power-receiving devices: breaching the timeframe for concluding the contract.

Simultaneously with this case, Moscow OFAS investigated another case upon a statement from an individual that “MOESK” unreasonably refused to sign a contract with him for technological connection of a facility in Moscow.

According to explanations given by “MOESK” PJSC, the timeframe for drafting the correct version of the contract and technical conditions that must be signed was increased due to the reasons independent from “MOESK”. The company, however, failed to submit evidence corroborating inability to sent draft contracts.  

As a result, in both cases Moscow OFAS found that “MOESK” PJSC committed an administrative violations under Part 2 Article 9.21of the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Violations and fined the company 600,000 RUB for each violation.

* The Rules for Technological Connection of power-receiving devices of electric power consumers, power generating facilities as well as power supply network facilities owned by grid operators and other persons, to electric mains, approved by No. 861 Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 27 December 2004.