Sergey Puzyrevskiy: FAS has formed positive legal consequences for the companies that implemented compliance in their activities

17-04-2017 | 13:40

Administrative liability for such companies will be educed by 1/8 in case of violating the Federal Law “On Protection of Competition”

Deputy Head of FAS Sergey Puzyrevskiy: “We consider that corporate compliance is a system of in-house prevention of antimonopoly violations. The Antimonopoly Service drafted a law that is now under discussion at the Government of the Russian Federation and is practically ready for introducing to the State Duma of the Russian Federation”.

In the introductory remarks of the Round Table organized by the Association of Antimonopoly Experts, a branch of FAS Centre for Education and Methodics in Moscow and the Competition Law Department of Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL), he pointed out that the draft law contains the voluntary principle, i.e., a company decides  independently whether to introduce this system. “The result of implementing the antimonopoly compliance system is a positive legal consequence – reducing administrative liability by 1/8”, added Sergey Puzyrevskiy.

Director of a branch of FAS Centre for Education and Methodics (Moscow), Stanislav Druzhinin emphasized the importance of adopting the draft law, because the Centre constantly receives enquiries from business for training on introducing antimonopoly compliance.

Head of FAS Legal Department Artem Molchanov described compliance systems in such countries as the UK, South Korea, Brazil, etc. He also made a comparative analysis of compliance practices abroad and in Russia.

Denis Gavrilov, a representative of the Association of Antimonopoly Experts summed up the Round Table: “The workshop clearly demonstrated the importance of antimonopoly compliance. The issue generated a vivid interest of the audience. The leading Russian companies, including state-run companies, proved with their own examples that compliance programmes are sought after and can be very efficient in preventing the antimonopoly risks. No doubt that FAS law-making initiatives on formalizing antimonopoly compliance as a Russian law institution are quite timely, conform to the best world practices and are supported by business and experts”.