“Novgorodoblenergo” JSC abused market dominance

11-05-2017 | 12:02

Novgorod OFAS found that the company violated the Federal Law “On Protection of Competition”

The antimonopoly body opened a case upon complaint from “Elkom” Ltd. Prior to initiating the proceedings Novgorod OFAS issued a warning to “Novgorodoblenergo” JSC requesting to stop the violations voluntarily. The company, however, failed to execute the warning.

Investigating the case, Novgorod OFAS established that “Novgorodoblenergo” JSC exceeded its civic rights and abused its market dominance by unreasonably and unlawfully avoiding a contract with a cooperating grid company regarding electric power supply points when the claimant took additional grid facilities on lease and made amendments to the contract for the services of electric power and capacity transmission with the cooperating grid company.

Upon the investigation, the Commission ofNovgorod OFAS found that “Novgorodoblenergo” JSC violated Clause 5 Part 1 Article 10 of the Federal Law “On Protection of Competition”.