Alexei Matyukhin: FAS considers a possibility to enter into concession agreements on electronic sites

12-07-2017 | 08:33

It will enable investments in the housing-and-utility sector

Head of FAS Department for Control over Housing and Public Utilities, Alexei Matyukhin, made reports at the First Russian Water Congress – sessions focused on developing the system of communal water supply and drainage.  

The representative of the Antimonopoly Service pointed out that the average number of potential investors taking part in tenders for the right to enter into concession agreements in the housing-and-utility sector is around 0.36. “We’ve got this figure analyzing the web-site -, which is full and publically accessible”, added Alexei Matyukhin. “The main reasons of the current situation are lack of investors’ interest due to facility non-liquidity, breach of legal norms announcing tender for the right of concluding a concession agreement; as well as absence of initiative from local self-government bodies”.

“One of the avenues to solve the existing issues will be the National Competition Development Plan, already drafted by FAS. Adapting it will help implement a package of measures in important segments of the economy. The housing-and-utilitysectorisnotanexception. Introducing the proposed measures, such as reducing the number of unitary enterprises in the utility sector, will encourage competition development and attract investments in this sector, which will have a positive effect upon consumers”, said Alexei Matyukhin. “Also we are working on a possibility to organize tenders for concluding concession agreements in the electronic form”.

The second block of his presentation the FAS representative focused on water supply and drainage. He reminded to the participants, that FAS Expert Council on the Housing-and-Utility Sector formed several Working Groups, particularly in these sectors. “At the last meeting of the Working Group, jointly with experts we arrived to a conclusion that it is necessary to standardize the procedure for calculating payment for connecting to the water supply  and drainage system, which makes it more transparent and accessible for consumers”, concluded Alexei Matyukhin.


According to the official web-site, the overall number of lots on tenders for concluding concession agreements, published from 01.01.2016 to 31.12.2016, for housing-and-utility facilities, was 2728.

On tenders for the right to enter into concession agreements with regard to housing-and-utility facilities, published from 01.01.2016 to 31.12.2016, the average number of bidders per lot was 0.36.