Appeal Court pronounced legitimacy of tariff-reduction for supplying water for consumers in the Voronezh region

28-07-2017 | 09:10

In 2016 FAS reduced consumer tariff by 14.2%

Investigating a pre-judicial dispute between “RBK-Voronezh” Ltd. and the State Tariff Regulation Office in the Voronezh region, FAS revealed that the company had spent 241 million RUB not provided for by the tariff.

FAS issued a determination to the regional tariff body to exclude this sum from the tariffs for “RBK-Voronezh” Ltd. for 2016. It will reduce the water supply tariffs for the residents and organizations in Voronezh.

In March 2016 the regional tariff body executed the FAS decision.

“RBK-Voronezh” Ltd. filed a lawsuit, challenging the conclusions reached by the antimonopoly authority. The Court of First Instance, and now the 9th Arbitration Appeal Court dismissed the claim and pronounced legitimacy of the FAS decision.

Head of FAS Department for regional Tariff Regulation, Yulia Yudina, said: “The Antimonopoly Service will continue applying the approaches used to consider the dispute between “RBK-Voronezh” Ltd. and the regulator. Tariff regulatory bodies in the subjects of the Russian Federation should pay attention to the established judicial practice and FAS enforcement practice”.