Vitaly Korolev: FAS Board has reduced electric power tariffs by 25% for consumers in Buryatia

01-08-2017 | 09:55

It will concern first of all small business

FAS Board met for a scheduled meeting on 31 July 2017. Deputy Head of the Antimonopoly Service Vitaly Korolev discussed in detail the efforts of the Government of the Russian Federation on adopting regulations that reduces prices for consumers in the Republic of Buryatia.

For instance, in March 2017 FAS approved reduction of electric power tariffs for the populationin Buryatia from4.24 RUB/kWh до 3.93 RUB/kWh, i.e., by 7.3%.

No.842 Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 17.07.2017 classifies Buryatia as an area with specific pricing. Based on the Decree, work was undertaken, enabling to prepare and make a decision on reducing the costs of electric power for industrial consumers.

Vitaly Korolev stated: “FAS Board decided to change the consolidated forecast balance for electric power generation and supply within the Unified Energy System of Russia by the subjects of the Russian Federation for 2017 and to set indicative prices for electric power and capacity for the Republic of Buryatia. The decision will reduce the costs of electric power for the consumers in the Republic, that get it at low voltage, by 25%”.