Oleg Korneev: the system of public tenders needs a “reset”

03-08-2017 | 12:29

FAS is working on amendments to the law on tender unification

FAS practice on control over observing the antimonopoly law in the course of tenders for disposal of state and municipal property – “sales” tender – was discussed in detail under the frame of FAS regional workshop in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

According to Deputy Head of FAS Department for Control over Construction and Natural Resources, Oksana Malaya, currently there are 66 different procedures “on sales”, they are regulated by an enourmous number of regulatory acts – 30 federal laws and 23 by-laws (the Land Code of the Russian Federation, the Forestry Code, the law on privatization, bankruptcy, enforcement proceedings, etc.).

Every type of tenders has a special procedure for information support, requirements to drawing up and filing applications, different grounds for allowing or not allowing participation in tenders, different periods and procedures for concluding contracts upon the tender results. For 54 procedures e-trading is not provided for, and for 12 procedures it is provided; however, there are no clear and unified recruitments to the operators of electronic sites.

“The established situation leads to abuses by tender organizers and site operators, whose number is increasing every year. The public tender system needs “reset”: it is necessary to develop a unified procedure, and such tenders should take place only in the electronic form and at the national Russian list of sites, operating in public procurement”, points out Head of FAS Department for Control over Construction and Natural Resources Oleg Korneev.

FAS is drafting the relevant amendments to the law that will unify “sales” tenders.