Igor Artemiev had a working visit to the Kaliningrad region

21-08-2017 | 10:00

On 16 August 2017, Head of FAS took part in a meeting on developing transport infrastructure in the North-West of Russia, chaired by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.
Speaking at the meeting, Igor Artemiev pointed out that in a number of seaports stevedore tariffs are set in dollars rather than in Rubles.
“I believe, a Presidential instruction may be an option, so that holders of state shares, who form the controlling interest in those ports, make the decisions to execute your order. It is necessary in order to develop the system of our finances and financial centres. Anyhow, the Central Bank talks about it”, stated Head of the antimonopoly authority.
Igor Artemiev also emphasized unsatisfactory situation with subsidies for air carriage to Kaliningrad: “As for the situation with subsidies, it is pretty bad: only 8% flew on subsidized air fare, 3800 RUB or slightly higher, while 92 % had to pay up to 35,000 RUB to fly. Looks like, the Government took a positive step, trying to accommodate people’s needs, but on the other hand, it only became worse since people get angry, they can’t buy tickets and so the Government is discredited, which is absolutely unacceptable”.
Head of FAS also chaired a working meeting with the staff of Kaliningrad OFAS, where he outlined FAS objectives and answered numerous questions.