Representatives of BRICS competition authorities met in South Africa

04-09-2017 | 11:03

The Russian delegation was led by Stats-Secretary Deputy Head of FAS Andrey Tsarikovskiy. The main item on the agenda was FAS initiatives on establishing BRICS Analytical Centre.

On 29 August representatives of BRICS antimonopoly bodies met at the XI Annual Competition Conference in Johannesburg. The parties discussed mechanisms for developing global food product chain and analyzed the issues facing BRICS countries due to globalization of supply chains and production. They paid special attention to a transition to a new level of collaboration, first of all, joint investigations.

“We need to make a thorough step to deepen cooperation: create a common centre to coordinate competition policy, collect and analyze information”, said Andrey Tsarikovskiy. “The work of such centre will provide methodological and analytical support for the antimonopoly bodies of BRICS countries, approximate approaches and form common competent expert evaluation on the key issues of regulating global economy, especially under growing technological and informational inequality”.

He pointed out that BRICS Analytical Centre can be based in “Skolkovo Innovations Centre that will coordinate and give analytical support of joint investigations by competition authorities in BRICS states.