Failure to pay a fine doubles it

20-09-2017 | 08:47

A construction company will pay double

A Justice of the Peace imposed a fine twice as high as the fine that “Apriori” Trading-and-Construction Company” Ltd. had failed to pay.

Earlier Saratov OFAS imposed a fine for an anticompetitive agreement that resulted in maintaining prices at a tender for repair of asphalt concrete pavement on the railway station forecourt in Krasny Kut, the Saratov region. “Lider – A.V.V.” Ltd. and “Kovcheg” Ltd. also were involved in the agreement.

Saratov OFAS found that all three companies violated 2 Part 1 Article 11 of the Federal Law “On Protection of Competition”. Fines were imposed upon these companies and their officials.

“Apriori” Trading-and-Construction Company” Ltd. failed to pay the fine imposed by the antimonopoly body, so the company was double fined.

Head of FAS Anti-Cartel Department explained: “Companies involved in anticompetitive agreements often avoid paying the fines, which, I must admit are quite big. At the same time, the punishment specified in the Code on Administrative Offices allows double fines upon persistent non-payers. This efficient measure undoubtedly increase the rate of fine collection under this category of cases”.