The new issue of “Russian Competition Law and Economy” Research-to-Practice Journal is created with involvement of the Antimonopoly Expert Association

10-10-2017 | 14:37

Following the tradition, the 3rd annual issue of “Russian Competition Law and Economy” Journal FAS gives to practicing counsels who joined the Antimonopoly Expert Association.

This year is marked with the 10th anniversary for the Association: a good reason to sum up the results of a productive dialogue between those responsible for shaping and implementing antimonopoly policy, and those who represent the interests of one of the principal beneficiaries of this policy – entrepreneurs.

The issue opens with an interview with Head of FAS Igor Artemiev that covers a broad range of the most pressing problems of improving antimonopoly control and policy in the field of competition, most of which  require serious scientific analysis. Many of those problems are reflected in the Articles to be published, that focus on investigating cases against two-sided monopolies (Dozmarov), antimonopoly compliance (A. Korzhevskaya, А. Akimov, D. Gavrilenko), studying signs of unlawfulness in a violation of the antimonopoly standards (Yu. Tai, A. Smola) improving departmental appeal procedure in antimonopoly bodies (O. Moskovitin), legislative regulation and practice of unscheduled verifications of compliance with the antimonopoly law (A. Vasin, R. Tyunik and Ye. Tyunik).

The journal cannot stay indifferent to the themes related to competitive problems and determined by implementing other powers of the antimonopoly body. One of such themes is presented in a paper by Anatoly Golomolzin who analyses legislative support to the Strategy for new tariff policy.

Starting from this issue, papers on science-intensive issues of competition, competition law and related branches of law will have comments from other experts and law enforcers. It is expected that such comments will be accessible by all honorable journal subscribers.