First meeting of FAS Public Council

12-10-2017 | 14:49

The Public Council started its work on 10 October with Mikhail Abyzov and Igor Artemiev

The first meeting of the Public Council under theFederal Antimonopoly Service took place at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. The Minister of the Russian Federation on Open Government, Mikhail Abyzov, Head of FAS Igor Artemiev and Deputy Secretary of the Public Chamber, Vladislav Grib, took part in the meeting. The experts unanimously elected Rector of “Skolkovo” Moscow Management School, Andrey Sharonov, the Public Council Chairman, and discussed the basic FAS powers and objectives for the nearest period.

In the welcoming remarks Mikhail Abyzov shared with the attendees the specifics of the work with the antimonopoly authority about openness: “Professional expert examination and public control is not something new for the Federal Antimonopoly Service. It has been actively implemented in the FAS practice and culture, may be not in this format, so one can say that rather that starting, we continue our joint efforts”.  The Minister pointed out that “as the overseer of the control-and-supervision reform, I am very pleased with the cooperation with FAS. And I would like to engage members of the Public Council in the control-and-supervision work, because it concerns important transformations”.

Igor Artemievoutlined the effrots on theNational Competition Development Plan that will “introduce new quality in the national strategy and the long-term interests of the state”.

“Each FAS regional office has formed a Public Advisory Council comprising businessmen. There are also 28 Expert Councils. This is the practice that we have been employed for many years. Our experts include the best brains in Russia, who give us new ideas and new directions”, said Head of the antimonopoly authority. “FAS Public Council should rightly take the central place among those entities”.

Igor Artemiev also shared information with the event participants on a number of important initiatives in the global trend of large transnational companies using restrictive business practices and proposed that the Public Council should be involved in such activities.


The Public Council at the Federal Antimonopoly Service was formed under the new rules devised by the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and the Open Government. It comprises representatives of private non-profit organizations — 75% candidates from the Public Chamber and 25% — from the Expert Council at the Government of the Russian Federation. FAS Public Council includes representatives of the leading business unions, the Russian Lawyers Association, the Association of Antimonopoly Experts, the Interregional Organization for Minority Stakeholders Protection — overall 20 people. The current Council is approved by FAS Order of 13 September 2017