Timophey Nizhegorodtsev: in drug distance selling pharmacies should form demand and deliver the medicines

07-11-2017 | 15:37

This approach to drug distance selling will maintain competition on the market and prevent supervisory risks in drug circulation

“The pharmacy community is facing an important question regarding the future of their operations in the digitalizing economy. Before the digitalization era there were many successful businesses, for example, taxi services. New online-services have radically transformed the market”, said Head of FASDepartment for Control over Social Sphere and Trade Timophey Nizhegorodtsev at the session on “Digital pharmaceutics: a view to the future” at RBK Pharma Forum 2017: Innovations, Investments, Forecasts.

The central objectives of the draft law of drug distance selling, being considered by the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation is to enhance drug accessibility for the population. Launching distance selling in this field, competition will be developed, consumers will be able to easily compare and summarize information on drug prices and choose the best price offer.

Head of FAS specialized Department stated: “FAS emphasized that the question is about distance selling rather that internet-commerce. If distributor online-sites join distance selling, the flow of buyers in pharmacies will not depend on the pharmacy work but only on activity of these sites in the internet, which later may be the reason for rapid decline of the number of participants on the market of retail trade with medicinal drugs and further monopolization of the market. If distributors shape the demand in pharmacies by 30%, they will be able to exercise the decisive influence upon the conditions of pharmacy business in drug sale. It is the pharmacies that should inform about the drugs for sale and deliver the goods in distance selling. It is exactly this approach to drug distance selling that will maintain competition on the market and prevent supervisory risks in drug circulation (both on prescription and over-the-counter)”.