Sergey Puzyrevsky: increasing legal competence on competition will reduce violations in this field

08-11-2017 | 09:25

Leading lawyers and experts discussed antimonopoly enforcement practice during a business role-playing game and improvised analysis of each situation

Deputy Head of FAS Sergey Puzyrevsky and Head of FAS Legal Department Artem Molchanov helped participants to analyze to concepts of cartel signs, and approached to determining cartel agreements. They also looked into the specifics of qualification of vertical agreements, and the ration of coordination and actions of economic entities under vertical agreements.

The session was moderated by the managing partner of “Kamenskaya & Partners” law firm Tatiana Kamenskaya and a partner of “ART DE LEX” legal firm Yaroslav Kulik.

The audience was greatly interested in the key report on evaluating appeal approaches of the antimonopoly body to decisions made by its regional offices/ “The statistics shows that it’s not just formal work but a truly efficient mechanism. Currently, around 30-35% decisions of FAS regional Offices are reversed through in-house appeal procedures, which means that we are leveling the practice”, underlined Sergey Puzyrevsky.

Another serious issue raised by the session participants – access to information. Data that fall under the category of “secrets” are competition restrains in antimonopoly investigations. During the discussions, approaches were suggested enabling the parties to get a better access to information. It was agreed that an analytical report should not be classified information since it contains conclusions about market trends. The information as such should not be closes although the basis for such an analysis certainly may contain commercial secrets of particular economic entities.

Summing up, Sergey Puzyrevsky pointed out that developing discussion and practices are clearly during the Conference organized by the “Vedomosti” newspaper for already the 9th time. “It means that professional level of the specialists in this field is increasing.  Hopefully it will also lead to improving the quality of compliance with the antimonopoly law and our markets will be developing under the conditions of fair competition”, emphasized Deputy Head of FAS.

Partner, Head of antimonopoly practice at “Goltsblat” BLP, Nikolai Voznesensky; a senior partner for antimonopoly practices at “ART DE LEX” law firm, Dmitry Gavrilenko;  professor, Director of the Centre for “Studies of Competition Policy and the Economy”, Siberian Institute of Management – a branch of Russian Presidential Academy  of Irina Knyazecva (Dr Hab. Ec.); Partner, a lawyer at “Infralex”, Artur Rokhlin; a senior lawyer, “KPMG” legal practice in Russia and CID, Egor Svechnikov; and Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs, “Rosvodokanal”, Dmitry Timofeev.