FAS approves an agreement to sell “Vaderstad” products through the “John Deere” dealer network

09-11-2017 | 09:39

Companies undertake to observe non-discriminatory conditions in agreements with dealers

FAS finds that a draft marketing agreements between “John Deere Agricultural Holdings, Inc.” and “Vaderstad” Ltd. comply with the antimonopoly law.

The companies plan cooperation to promote trailing agricultural equipment of “Vaderstad” through the “John Deere” dealer networks. The purpose of the agreement is to increase geographic coverage and the scope of sales of “Vaderstad” products in the Russian Federation.

“It is planned to regulate some aspects of relations between the authorithed dealers of “John Deere” and “Vaderstad” Ltd. in bilateral agreements”, pointed out Head of FAS Industry Control Department, Nelli Galimkhanova.  “Understanding that competition restriction is unacceptable, the companies obligates to ensure non-discriminatory conditions in the relevant agreements with dealers”.