29-11-2017 | 10:51

“Suppressing” nature of control is being replaced with prophylaxis and prevention of violations


Head of FAS Department for Industry Control, Nelli Galimkhanova, outlined trends and challenges on the metal markets in Industry 4.0. at the 20th international Conference “Russian Metal Market 2017”.


Attendees included representatives of metallurgical companies, government agencies, industry associations and institutions.


Nelli Galimkhanova emphasized that FAS is an active participants of the priority project – Reform of control and supervision, when “suppressive” control is being replaced with prophylaxis and prevention of violations.


She said: “Our prospective task is to achieve “smart” antimonopoly regulation, taking into account the modern trends in social-and–economic development, which determines the need for broad involvement of economic entities in the management process”.


The Conference discussed the overall state of the ferrous metal markets, their performance in 2017 and the trends for 2018. Metallurgical companies are involved in Industry 4.0 changes: Internet-store for metal sale, automated product quality control, work with big data and platforms, etc.


Transformation of markets, including metal markets, requires new approaches of the antimonopoly body. Among challenges facing the antimonopoly authority, Nelli Galimkhanova mentioned development of new conceptual framework, the high speed of market changes and decision-making by economic entities, blurring of industries, product and geographic market boundaries, new substitute goods (development of 3D printers, composite materials, etc.), transformation of sales chains and so on.


Finally, Nelli Galimkhanova invited all interested metal market participants to join the efforts of FAS Expert Council on developing competition in metallurgy, particularly, to discuss new challenges and develop approaches to solving them.