25-12-2017 | 12:37

The National Plan should encourage economic development and improve the well-being of the population of Russia


On 21 December 2017 President of the Russian FederationVladimir Putinsigned the Order approving the basic areas of the state policy towards developing competition in Russia.


The main objectives of the Order are increasing consumer satisfaction and economic efficiency and competitive ability of economic entities as well as sustainable growth and development of mixed economy.


The Presidential Order is aimed at ensuring that that all sectors of Russian economy, except natural monopolies and the defence industrial complex, there are at least three economic entities, of which at least one is a private company.


The Order provides for reducing the number of violations of the antimonopoly law by the authorities in 2020 by no less than twofold in comparison 2017 and increase procurement by public and municipal customers and state-run companies from small and medium business by 18%.


To achieve those goals and objectives, the Order of the President of the Russian Federation approves the 2018-2020 National Competition Development Plan. It is designed to reduce the share of state participation in the competitive sectors of economic activities, including limited formation of unitary enterprises, the reform of tariff regulation, effective prevention and suppression of antimonopoly violations that lead to restricting and eliminating competition on the markets, and supporting entrepreneurial initiative, including development of small and medium business.


“The Order of the President of the Russian Federation on developing competition is the first such document in our history. The document determines the principles of interaction between the state and the society, implying intolerance to any incidents of unfair competition and abusing monopolistic position. The authorities of all levels will evaluate administrative decisions in view if the consequences of such decisions for competition. FAS expects that every three years the document will be modernized in line with current realities”, said Head of FAS Igor Artemiev.