28-12-2017 | 08:18

The decision was made by FAS Board in view of the opinion of the Consumer Council


On 26 December 2016, FAS Board approved an Order “On changes and additions to No. 166-t/1 Order of the Federal Tariff Service “On approving the guidelines for state regulation of the tariffs for the freight railway services and the services for employing railway “common use” infrastructure in freight transport” of 30 August 2013 and No. 1226/15 FAS Order “On indexing the rates of tariffs, fees and payment for freight operations and the services for using infrastructure in freight traffic, rendered (offered) by “Russian Railways” OJSC” of 10 December 2015.


The Order is drafted in line with the decisions made at a meeting at the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation on 05.12.2017 and it is aimed at executing the list of instructions compiled following the outcome of the meeting on tariff regulation of railway transportation in 2018 and the long-term prospects. The Order was also made in accord with the position of the Consumer Council on operations of “Russian Railways” OJSC and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies.


According to the Order, in 2018 the additional surcharge will be kept at 2% indexation of all tariffs, fees, and payments for freight transportation and the services for using infrastructure in freight traffic to finance capital repair of railway infrastructure.


The Order also introduces a coefficient for additional indexation of the current tariffs, fees and payment to finance the measures for compensating the costs associated with adjustments of the tax law.