10-01-2018 | 11:20

A set of “Public events” data contains information about the events – congresses, conferences, workshops, creative contests, exhibitions, briefings – in which representatives of the antimonopoly body took part throughout 2017.


The information will be updated on an ongoing basis.



Open data: information about FAS work published in machine-readable formats.


Open data are published in machine-readable formats in order to facilitate access of the interested parties to them that can process such data and generate valuable research, applications, analytics, and so on. Open data form some basis for a lot of socially important and community-valuable projects.


The main consumers of open data are developers of applications and services that use open data as a source material for their products, as well as journalists and other stakeholders that can do rigorous social economic, academic research with “raw” data.


Users do not need an agreement with the Federal Antimonopoly Service to use (reuse) open data free, gratuitously, indefinitely, without compensation and with no territorial restrictions for usage. In particular, users can copy, publish, disseminate open data, modify open data and integrate them with other information, use open data for non-commercial and commercial purposes, and employ them for creating computer programs and applications.