10-01-2018 | 11:22

The competition authority exposed signs of violating the pricing procedure designed to account for the heating energy volume to be paid by consumers


FAS received a complaint from a branch of “Zdorovie” Moscow Prosthesis-and-Rehabilitation Centre, at “Moscow Prosthesis-and-Orthopedic Enterprise” of the Ministry of Labour, regarding “MOEK” PJSC.


The Antimonopoly Service established that “MOEK” PJSC and the unitary enterprise concluded a heating supply contract. Ander the contract, the quantity of supplied heating energy and the heat carrier is determined based on meter reading, which fully conforms to the regulations issued by the Government.


“MOEK” PJSC, however, determined the volume of heating energy using calculations, which increased the consumed energy volume by several times and, in its turn, affected the heating costs.


Such actions by “MOEK” PJSC include significantly financial obligations of the claimant.


FAS opened a case against the company upon signs of violating the Federal Law “On Protection of Competition” (Clause 10, Part 1, Article 10).


Head of FAS Department for Regulating Housing-and-Utilities Sector, Alexei Matyukhin, pointed out: “The first hearing will be already in mid-January. Investigating the case, the positions of the parties shall be studied, after which a decision shall be made whether the antimonopoly law was violated”.



“MOEK” PJSC is an economic entity that has the dominant position on the market of heating supply services.