06-02-2018 | 10:39

FAS drew a line under another antimonopoly case

“Russian Satellite Communications Company” fully executed FAS warning, issued upon investigating a case on violating the antimonopoly law. It was reported earlier that the company had paid a fine for beaching the Federal Law “On Protection of Competition”.

“Russian Satellite Communications Company” drafted and submitted the necessary documents and materials for setting tariffs for regulated publicly-accessible telecommunications services. Preparing the documents for tariff approval, “Russian Satellite Communications Company”, jointly with specialists of the antimonopoly authority, systematized the procedure for separate income and expenditures accounting. Earlier, the company repeatedly reported to superior bodies on inability to perform the separation.

FAS Order approved the maximum tariff levels for the service of “Russian Satellite Communications Company” to deliver signals of national mandatory publicly-accessible TV- and radio-channels to radio-electronic devices for signal transmission on air. The company invoices under the valid contracts with “Russian TV and radio-broadcasting network” on FAS approved tariffs.

To coordinate the service names, additional agreements to valid contracts of “Russian TV and radio-broadcasting network”, “Russian Satellite Communications Company” adjusted the name of the offered service in accord with the wordings approved by a FAS order. For example, a catalogue of the services on offer is effected by the company.

Deputy Head of FAS Daniil Fesyuk pointed out: “Offering communications by holders of natural monopolies services in the absence of justified and approved tariffs creates risks of overrating the costs of TV- and radio-broadcasting service. Thanks to FAS efforts, a considerable part of the segment of telecommunications services market has returned to the legal course”.

“Joint efforts of the antimonopoly body and service providers, aimed at observing the current antimony law allowed to get a positive economic effect by economic enmities as well as consumers if such telecom services , explained Head of FAS Department for Control over Aviation, Rocket-Space and Nuclear Industries, Dmitry Brykin.