13-03-2018 | 10:23

FAS opened an antimonopoly case against “VympelCom” PJSC. The report submitted to FAS with regard to abolishing “intra-network” roaming did not comply with the requirements specified in the warnings issued to the company.


The costs of inbound and outbound long-distance calls proposed by the operator for travelling across Russia are unreasonably overrated.


Earlier FAS issued warning to the operators requesting them to eliminate economically or technologically unreasonable difference in tariffs for subscribers travelling outside their “home” region. FAS requested that for each tariff plan cellular communications operators should eliminate unreasonable difference for the same communications services that subscribers receive at home and when travelling. Eliminating the tariff difference must not deteriorate the subscribers’ situation.


“Since the operators failed to execute the warnings, FAS opened cases for violating the antimonopoly law against the “Big Three”, said Deputy Head of FAS Anatoly Golomlzion. Based on the investigations, should a violation be exposed, injunctions can be issued to transfer the income gained through violating the antimonopoly law to the budget”.


At the end of December FAS established that the proposals put forward by “TELE2” conformed to the warnings and prolonged the deadline till 31 May 2018 due to certain technical specifics of tariff changing.