28-04-2018 | 10:17

It will reduce violations of the Law “On Protection of Competition” by regional authorities.


“One of goals of the Order of the President of the Russian Federation on the state policy towards developing competition is reducing twofold violations of the antimonopoly law committed by the authorities in comparison with 2017. To reach the goal, FAS will draft the guidelines on implementing antimonopoly compliance at the regional and municipal level”, said Deputy Head of FAS Sergey Puzyrevsky at a seminar with representatives of FAS regional Offices.


Antimonopoly compliance is a system for preventing violations. Implementing this mechanism will help reduce violations and fulfill by 2020 the tasks set by the Order of thePresident of the Russian Federation.


“Another regional aspect of our work is establishing Advisory Councils based on our regional Offices to discuss implementation and assessment of executing the National Competition Development Plan”, said Sergey Puzyrevsky. Deputy Head of FAS also stated that methodological work will be continued by sectors:


“In some sectors of the economy there should be at least three market players. We will collect information about all economic entities operating on the markets that are the priorities for a particular region. The next step will be market survey, performed jointly with a regional antimonopoly body, with modeling a situation on this market and further analysis of a possibility to reach a target on a particular market. The best identified practices will be presented to regional FAS Offices and the subjects of the Russian Federation”.


Finally, Sergey Puzyrevsky reported that by autumn 2018 the Competition Development Standard with new parameters will be mainstreamed. In this context, Deputy Head of FAS asked its regional Offices to submit their proposals to the Central Office to be included in the updated Standard.