30-05-2018 | 14:39

As part of increasing investors’ awareness about the norms of the Russian law, Deputy Heads of FAS Department for Control over Foreign Investments, Grigory Karakov and Alexander Poroshin, held the workshop on “FAS efforts to control foreign investments”


The workshop was organized with involvement of the Moscow branch of FAS Centre for Education and Methodics. It included three major blocs: theory, particularly, a range of regulated legal relations, requirements and restrictions under No. 57-FZ Federal Law, the procedure for considering petitions by FAS and the Government Commission for Control over Foreign Investments in the Russian Federation; the changes and prospects of developing the law; and the practical bloc that highlighted FAS precedent cases and international experience in this field. Finally, listeners were asked to evaluate a hypothetical case on a cross-border merger between international companies.


Grigory Karakov pointed out:Such events form an efficient element of investment compliance. Expanding knowledge of the counsels who work directly with No. 57-FZ Federal Law and related law is an excellent measure to prevent possible violations of the law, a method to get feedback from business in order to further develop the mechanisms of control over foreign investments”.