09-06-2018 | 09:48

The 9th Arbitration Court confirmed legitimacy of FAS decision on the case against “Business Computer Group” Ltd. and “AMI-NETWORK” Ltd., “Aquarius” Production Company”, “National Computer Corporation” Ltd., “Superwave Group” Ltd., “CROC Incorporated” CJSC, and “Hewlett Packard” JSC


In August 2017 FAS found that the group of persons of “Aquarius” Production Company” Ltd. and “National Computer Corporation” Ltd. as well as “Business Computer Group” Ltd. and “AMI-NETWORK” Ltd.concluded an anticompetitive agreement, that resulted in maintaining prices at an open electronic auction for supplying system blocs of “Elections” State Automated System for the needs of an organization subordinate to the Central Elections Committee of the Russian Federation. “Hewlett Packard” JSC unlawfully coordinated economic operations of those companies.


FAS recognized that “Aquarius” Production Company” Ltd. and CROC Incorporated” CJSC also concluded a cartel agreement that resulted in maintaining prices at open tenders for the technical maintenance services on the software-hardware complex of the designated segment of Moscow Data Centre for the needs of “Information City” - a Moscow state budgetary entity and for the services of systemic support of the informational-and-computational system of Rosstat [Russian Federal State Statistical Service].


FAS established the fact that “Aquarius” Production Company” Ltd. and “Superwave Group” Ltd. concluded and implemented a cartel which led to maintaining prices at a reversed auction for supplying office and network equipment, acquiring Hewlett Packard equipment, licenses and services for installing and tuning equipment for “Nornickel – common service center” Ltd.


“Administrative cases are opened against all participants of anticompetitive agreements, and companies will be fined from 10 % - 50 % of the auction / tender value. FAS has also filed a statement to the Ministry of Interior specifying the elements of an offence under Article 178 of the Criminal Code”, commented Stats-Secretary, Deputy Head of FAS Andrey Tsarikovskiy.