09-06-2018 | 09:50

They are fined for obstructing a FAS inspection


FAS was carrying out an unscheduled on-site inspection of “Sheremetievo” International Airport” JSC. An airport administrator refused to provide access of FAS representatives of computers, network discs, e-mail and servers of “Sheremetievo” International Airport”.


An administrative case was opened for obstructing legitimate work of the officers of the antimonopoly authority, based on which the official of “Sheremetievo” International Airport” JSC and the airport are held administratively liable.


In the course of unscheduled on-site inspections of economic entities FAS faces regularly different forms of obstructing legitimate work of its officers: refusing to provide access to premises and documents of the inspected person, deliberately switching off computers, etc. Such actions are aimed to prevent the antimonopoly body ascertaining the relevant factual circumstances that are significant to complete an inspection, and, as a consequence, distorting the inspection findings, infringing the rights and legitimate interests of the entities whose operates fall under antimonopoly control.


Head of FAS Anti-Cartel Department, Andrey Tenishev pointed out: “To prevent such facts, FAS has drafted a law on tightening administrative punishment for obstructing inspections carried out by FAS officers. The draft law is submitted to the Government”.