27-06-2018 | 13:57

Stats-Secretary – Deputy Head of FAS Andrey Tsarikovskiy emphasized fulfillment of the main requirements of the Standard for Developing Competition in the Samara region and discussed positive regional practices towards competition support.


Andrey Tsarikovskiyhad a working visit to the Samara region. The purpose was to execute the key indicators for developing competition on the regional markets specified in the National Competition Development Plan and the List of orders given by the President of the Russian Federation following the State Council on developing competition.


On 26 June 2018, the Council under Samara Governor on Competition Support was chaired by Council Deputy, Vice-Governor – Minister for Economic Development, Investments and Commerce of the Samara region, Alexander Kobenko.


Andrey Tsarikovskiyexplained that there are 41 indicators, of which the region should select at least 33. He pointed out that “these are the markets where the region will increase the share of private companies and reduce the state share. By 1 December, a “Road Map” for competition development must be drafted. The work on achieving the indicators will last three years”.


Deputy Head of FASunderlined the social importance of achieving the listed indicators for competition development:  “Some regions choose challengeable, but absolutely essential indicators for the region”.


He said that the main requirements of the Standard for Developing Competition in the Samara regionare fulfilled. The target indicator for developing competition on the market of pre-school education is exceeded and a high level of involving small and medium business in competitive bidding is ensured.


Andrey Tsarikovskiyadded that “the antimonopoly body expects assistance from the regions to get feedback in order to adjust the method for calculating indicators”.


Deputy Head of FAS Legal Department, Alexander Shlychkov outlined the main directions for developing competition in Russia. He stated that “the National Competition Development Plan has nothing revolutionary; the work has been already undertaken in accord with the Standard for Developing Competition in the Regions. Now a unified competition development policy should emerge”.


Alexander Kobenko presented the work performed in the region to implement the Standard forDeveloping Competition in the Regions of the Russian Federation and devise the key indicators on competition development in Samara: “As part of the work we have been doing since 2015 to develop competition, we managed to achieve good results thanks to executing all main requirements of the Standard.  We have already started achieving the tasks set by No. 618 Order of the President of the Russian Federation "On the basic principles of the state policy towards developing competition”, and 2018-2020 National Competition Development Plan. An important large-scale work is being undertaken to determine the key indicators for competition development based on FAS guidelines”.


Head of Samara OFAS, Leonid Pak, discussed antimonopoly enforcement practice in the region. He stressed that the number of cases against the authorities had gone down due to the institutions of warnings and admonitions that, in his opinion, are mostly executed. He gave examples of violating the Law “On Protection of Competition” in the Samara region.


Acting Head of the Main Competitive Bidding Department of the Samara region, Natalia Katina highlighted measures designed to support small and medium business in public procurement in the Samara region. In 2017 there were 22,115 competitive procurements for 48 billion RUB, in 75% of them the winners were small and medium companies.


Summing up, Andrey Tsarikovskiypraised the high quality of the discussion and evaluated the practical effect of the efforts of Samara Regional authorities towards developing competition.


Deputy Head of FASalso visited Samara OFAS and answered questions raised by journalists during a press scrum.

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