28-06-2018 | 17:53

Deputy Head of FAS and Kurgan Governor signed an Agreement on Cooperation with the regional Government


On 25 June 2018, Deputy Head of FAShad an on-site meeting on approving the key competition development indicators and Action Plans (“Road Maps”) for developing competition in the Kurgan region. Andrey Tsyganov outlined the goals and objectives of the state policy towards developing competition in the Russian Federation: “Competition development is a priority of the state economic policy. Applying pro-competitive approaches to achieve social-and-economic development targets is a mandatory element of public and municipal administration. In the present, not always friendly environment, digitalization and economic sanctions are global challenges to developing Russian economy. The key to solving them must be development of competition, which inevitably leads to innovative development, enhanced production efficiency, increased well-being of the population and the quality and diversity of goods.”


In 2017, the Kurgan region exceeded considerably the targets for developing competition in public and municipal procurement and on the market of social services for the population.  


The initial target for procurement from small and medium business was 18 %, while the actual figure in 2017 was 54 %. The share of social services entities with other forms of property was 2 % of the overall number of organizations involved in social services, reaching 7.1% by the end of 2017.


Regarding the significance of cooperation with FAS, Alexei Kokorin stated: “No doubt, upon signing the Agreement we will pursue the orders of the President of Russia and the objectives specified in his Address even more efficiently and assuredly. It is essential not to commit violations of the antimonopoly law. There is a possibility to get expert consultations and avoid all faults and mistakes in our work, move forward, intensifying competition on the market of services and the investment attractiveness of our region”1.


Sergey Chebykin, Deputy Governor of the Kurgan region – Director of Economic Development Department of the Kurgan region reported on devising the key indicators for competition development and the Action Plan (“Road Map”) in the region. At the meeting, the key target indicators for competition development were approved for 33 markets essential for the region.


Prior to the official ceremony of signing the Agreement on Cooperation, Head of Kurgan OFAS Irina Gagarina highlighted the practice of antimonopoly enforcement in the Kurgan region.