09-07-2018 | 10:00

The “Road Map” for developing competition was adopted in North Ossetia in 2017. Currently good results are reached in retail trade with medicines; most players on the market are private pharmaceutical companies. Deputy Head of FAS Alexei Dotsenko informed about it at a meeting on devising the key competition development indicators in Vladikavkaz on 5 July 2018.


Nevertheless, in view of Deputy Head of FAS Alexei Dotsenko, the “Road Map” needs refinement.


“More attention should be paid to such socially important markets are the market of the services for psychological-and-pedagogical support to disabled children, leisure and recreation services for kids and, undoubtedly, the housing-and-utilities segment. Measures should be undertaken to increase the number of small and medium companies involved in public procurement”, said Alexei Dotsenko.


“We are ready to go all the way hand in hand with you, offer you every support. Particularly, in devising an antimonopoly compliance system in North Ossetia – Alania”, informed Alexei Dotsenko.


“The President of Russia determined competition development as a priority of the state policy. For North Ossetia – Alania it is essential to support small and medium business. FAS had a meeting with Head of regions where I was present. Following the meeting, Head of FAS Igor Artemiev sent his Deputies to the regions for interaction with the regional authorities”, pointed out Head ofNorthOssetia – Alania, Vyacheslav Bitarov.


“It is necessary to more actively create conditions for developing business in the Republic and then all targets will be reached”, explainedVyacheslav Bitarov.


Kazbek Tamaev, the Economic Minister ofNorthOssetia – Alania reported that the Republic is pursuing the Order of the President of Russia on developing competition,  the National Competition Development Plan, and the instructions given by Russian President following the State Council on competition in April 2018..


In particular, the key indicators on 41 markets, proposed by FAS, were analyzed, where the region must increase the share of private companies.  


“17 markets out of 41 in the Republic are sufficiently developed in terms of competition: the key competition development indicators are achieved, reaching 100%”, announcedKazbek Tamaev. These include the markets of cattle breeding, seeds growing, housing construction, construction of capital construction facilities except road and housing construction, cadaster and land surveying works, retail sales of oil products, passenger and luggage transportation services by taxi, bricks production, etc.


The Economic Minister pointed out that because there is no demand for obtaining general, secondary and higher education in private educational centers, the indicators on these markets remain the same.


Developing liquefied gas supplies is not that important for the Republic because practically entire Republic is gasified.   


Roman Pliev, Head of North Ossetia OFAS, gave a report about the antimonopoly enforcement practice in the Republic.


“The situation is characterized by coherent lessening of administrative burden upon companies”, informed Roman Pliev.


In particular, with adopting the “forth antimonopoly package”, the antimonopoly authority inspects small companies only upon consent of the Prosecutor’s Office. No.316-FZ Federal Law made amendments to the Cod on Administrative Violations: instead of administrative fines, small companies that committed a violation of the antimonopoly law for the first time should be punished by warnings. A moratorium is imposed for scheduled inspections of small businesses.


“The state is ready to meet the needs of businessmen in order to stimulate entrepreneurial activity”, stressed Roman Pliev.


Changes in the law and extensive explanatory work of OFAS reduced the number of antimonopoly violations in the Republic. For instance, seven cases were opened in 2016 for abusing dominance, only one case in 2017 and none in the fist six months 2018. 


In 2018 OFAS focuses on the auctions for supplying food products to social and educational facilities, procurement of medical products and medicines.


Also, FAS and the Republic of NorthOssetia – Alania signed an Agreement on Cooperation. On behalf of the Antimonopoly Service, the Agreement was signed by Deputy Head of FAS Alexei Dotsenko, on behalf of the Government – the Chairman of the Government, Taimuraz Tuskaev.


Deputy Head of FAS Alexei Dotsenko also had a meeting with the staff of North Ossetia OFAS and answered their questions.